Mike Dodsworth Electrical Engineers

Dodsworth Electrical LTD is a Leeds based specialist electrical engineering firm providing fully qualified NICEIC electrical engineers.


We cover the UK, Irleland and also manage contracts in Europe.


The services provided by our specialist engineers are wide ranging, covering Commercial, Industrial and Domestic properties. Examples include:


  • Survey, Design, Installation and maintenance of power, general lighting and emergency lighting for offices, manufacturing plants, warehouses, car showrooms, workshops, pubs, breweries, etc.


  • Specialist wind turbine maintenance (electrical & mechanical)

    • HV installation, maintenance and repair

    • Consultancy services

    • Provision of specialist trained wind turbine climbers

    • SAP HV operations / maintenance.


  • Quarrying machinery maintenance.  


  • Printing machinery maintenance.


  • Electrical and gas safety inspections.


  • Domestic electrical and plumbing installations.